Rates for Web Design

The intro package =$600 The intermediate package =$900 Go all out for 1875

A basic rate card

This will allow you to get a better idea of what MSND can do for your Web Design project. These are simply starting points and I can tailor a proposal to your specific need.

Contact me for specifics.

Super Heroes and CONTRAST - Another geeky primer

Most people I work with know that what I do is not driven by sorcery or some unseen force. By now they know that I obey certain rules and principles that resonate with every audience. These design principles are:

Back in Black and White

The debut banner of Bob Crum's webcomic - cafen8_ed comics

Some of you know I used to maintain a couple comics and I let them slip into the nether. 

Logo Design - Why it matters


Logo Design - Why it matters

If you were running for public office, would you dye your hair purple?

If you were applying for a job at a daycare, would you show up with a broadsword strapped to your hip?

If you were asked to speak at a conference, would you face the back of the stage and mumble?

Colorado Springs Co-working for Freelancers

Freelancers Unite!

The Enclave Logo - Colorado Springs

Color Theory and Superheroes

Color Theory and Superheroes

It is a guilty pleasure of mine that I love good color theory. Recently I have endeavored to impart some of my passion for it to others with varying results. The first few attempts were met with blank stares and, at best, vague nods. It wasn't until my latest few attempts that I met with success. The key? Superheroes.

Vector Illustration Tutorial - The Hellephant

I have, for some time, been threatening to illustrate a series of Tshirts based upon a little known “science” called cryptozoology defined as:

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